Market data is available from authorized vendors or directly from the CSE.

Through an Authorized Vendor

Market Data vendors provide access to the feeds (native and normalized to the vendor’s standard protocol) and also provide display services through work station or internet-based products.

Market access vendors bundle the data with order entry, smart routing and execution management capabilities.

To become an authorized market data vendor, please email

Directly Through the CSE

The CSE offers direct access to its equity data feed services from its Toronto data centres. The CSE operates two data centres.

Q9 Networks Inc.
100 Wellington Street
Toronto, ON M5K 1J3

Equinix Inc.
151 Front Street
Toronto, ON M5J 2N1

Clients may also connect to the data via extranet partners and direct connectivity providers.

Production Connectivity

Cross-Connect: Clients with facilities at the Q9 data centre or Equinix data centre may request an in-house cross-connect from their Point of Presence (PoP) to the CSE.

Extranet Provider: The CSE is currently on-network with the following extranet providers. Please contact the extranet provider directly to arrange for connectivity to the CSE.

Point-to-Point: Clients may connect using a point-to-point connection through leased lines.

BT Radianz
Bryan Unke
CenturyLink (formerly known as SAVVIS)
Alicia VanDeVeer
GuavaTech Inc.
GT Sales Team
Hibernia Atlantic
Dennis Bradley
Interactive Data 7ticks
Dave Conrad
Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE)
Brian Norris
Options Technology Ltd.
Pico Quantitative Trading LLC
Bruce P. Boytim
Transaction Network Services Inc. (TNS)
Financial Services Division Exchange & Venue Team
TMX Atrium
John Andrew

Connectivity to Test Environment

For immediate connection to the test environment, clients can connect via the Internet to our public address. Clients must provide the CSE with their public IP address from which the traffic will be sourced. Clients also need to identify which market data productthey wish to access, and supply a technical contact.

Bandwidth Requirements

The table below provides bandwidth guidelines for the CSE-hosted service, as of January 1, 2014.

Service Bandwidth
Level 1 3 Mb/s
Level 2 9 Mb/s

Agreements and Forms

In order to access real-time data services, clients must execute the appropriate CSE agreements and forms. Where possible, the CSE has incorporated industry best practices and standard forms to facilitate the process of completing the documents.

Contact Us

For market data related inquiries, please email or call 416-572-2000.