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CSE 25 IndexTM


CSE Composite IndexTM


The CSE Composite Index is a broad indicator of market activity for the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE). With approximately 75% coverage of all equities listed on the CSE it is a uniquely positioned gauge of the Canadian small cap market. The index provides a distinctly different risk/return profile than the broad Canadian equity market.

The CSE25 Index is a subset of the CSE Composite Index. It contains the securities of the twenty five largest index companies by market capitalization. This sub-index contains over 52.75% of the total weight of the Composite Index.


Index Methodology


The CSE Composite Index follows a set of rules which are published on the CSE website. The index is administered by Solactive AG as the calculation agent. Solactive calculates indices for 350 clients in Europe, America and Asia. The index policies and procedures are maintained by an Index Committee. The committee, in its sole discretion determines how policies and procedures are interpreted and over time may update the policies and procedures of the index if deemed necessary. 

For a detailed description of the methodology, click here: CSE Composite Index Methodology

The CSE25 Index follows the same methodology because it is a sub-index of the CSE Composite Index.


Index Maintenance


The index will be rebalanced quarterly on the third Friday in each of March, June, September and December.  The index will be reconstituted based on eligibility criteria and deletion criteria, and the number of shares adjusted for index constituents on the rebalance date. Constituents removed from the index between rebalance dates due to an extended halt, suspension or delisting will not be replaced until the next rebalance date..


Criteria for Index Additions


Listing - Companies must be listed on the CSE and trade in Canadian dollars.
Size - Only securities with a minimum market capitalization of $5 million are eligible for inclusion.
Seasoning Requirement - A security is not eligible for inclusion for the first rebalance of the index after its listing. However, a security is exempt from this minimum listing period if either of the following apply:

  • The security was listed on a recognized exchange in Canada immediately prior to its listing on the CSE; or
  • At the rebalance, when ranked by total market capitalization, the security falls within the top quartile of eligible securities listed on the CSE.


Criteria for Index Deletions


Buffer rule - At each quarterly rebalance, current constituents are assessed to ensure they have a minimum market capitalization of $4 million. 

Companies involved in corporate actions which result in them no longer qualifying for the index are removed once the transaction is closed.

NTD: this document hasn’t been updated since launch in 2015. It doesn’t add enough additional information to be worth retaining.


The CSE Composite Index  is published by Reuters and Bloomberg under the ticker name CSECOMP and the CSE25 has the ticker name CSE25.

CSE INDICES (as at September 18, 2017)

Symbol Security Name Comp. Weight CSE25 Weight Sector
LHS Liberty Health Sciences Inc. 7.34% 14.31% Life Sciences
TRST CannTrust Holdings Inc. 6.66% 13.00% Life Sciences
URB.A Urbana Corporation A NV 3.20% 6.25% Diversified Industries
AHG Alternate Health Corp. 2.91% 5.69% Life Sciences
MARI Maricann Group Inc 2.63% 5.13% Life Sciences
CRZ CannaRoyalty Corp. 2.51% 4.90% Diversified Industries
BCC The Canadian Bioceutical Corporation 2.11% 4.11% Diversified Industries
MDM Marapharm Ventures Inc 2.03% 3.96% Life Sciences
URG Oriental Non-Ferrous Resources Developme 1.89% 3.68% Mining
GLH Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd. 1.83% 3.56% Diversified Industries
XMG MGX Minerals Inc. 1.60% 3.13% Mining
FLT Drone Delivery Canada Corp. 1.53% 2.99% Technology
THC THC Biomed Intl Ltd 1.48% 2.88% Life Sciences
ISOL Isodiol International Inc. 1.45% 2.82% Diversified Industries
IN InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. 1.41% 2.76% Life Sciences
BLO Cannabix Technologies Inc. 1.30% 2.54% Technology
LSL Liberty Silver Corp. 1.15%   Mining
N Namaste Technologies Inc. 1.14% 2.22% Diversified Industries
IAN iAnthus Capital Holdings Inc. 1.14% 2.22% Life Sciences
VGW Valens Groworks Corp. 1.14% 2.22% Life Sciences
MTA Metalla Royalty and Streaming Ltd. 1.10% 2.15% Mining
SNA Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. 1.04% 2.02% Technology
PREV PreveCeutical Medical Inc. 1.00%   Life Sciences
LDS Lifestyle Delivery Systems Inc 1.00% 1.95% Life Sciences
MOS Mobi724 Global Solutions Inc. 1.00%   Technology
DOJA DOJA Cannabis Company Limited 0.99%   Life Sciences
MYM MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. 0.98% 1.91% Life Sciences
BE Beleave Inc. 0.95%   Life Sciences
MJ True Leaf Medicine International Ltd. 0.95%   Life Sciences
MRM Micromem Technologies Inc. 0.93% 1.81% Technology
RSS RESAAS Services Inc. 0.92% 1.80% Technology
PSE Pasinex Resources Limited 0.92%   Mining
RIW RIWI Corp. 0.89%   Technology
ETI EnviroLeach Technologies Inc. 0.85%   Technology
VS Versus Systems Inc. 0.84%   Technology
VST Victory Square Technologies Inc. 0.83%   Technology
ATT Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. 0.81%   Life Sciences
LXX Lexaria Bioscience Corp. 0.81%   Diversified Industries
TGIF Friday Night Inc. 0.76%   Diversified Industries
IRV Irving Resources Inc. 0.74%   Mining
CK Cascadia Consumer Electronics Corp. 0.72%   Technology
SQX Squatex Energy and Ressources Inc. 0.72%   Oil and Gas
PDO PUDO Inc. 0.71%   Diversified Industries
EAT Nutritional High International Inc. 0.71%   Life Sciences
TER TerrAscend Corp. 0.67%   Life Sciences
FAT Far Resources Ltd. 0.67%   Mining
FFT Future Farm Technologies Inc. 0.64%   Technology
PKK Peak Positioning Technologies Inc. 0.63%   Technology
MIRL Minera IRL Limited 0.62%   Mining
EVA EVITRADE Health Systems Corp. 0.59%   Technology
WUC Western Uranium Corporation 0.58%   Mining
CHV Canada House Wellness Group Inc. 0.58%   Life Sciences
GET Glance Technologies Inc. 0.58%   Technology
CBK Copperbank Resources Corp. 0.57%   Mining
GBC GreenBank Capital Inc. 0.56%   Diversified Industries
SUN Wildflower Marijuana Inc. 0.55%   Life Sciences
TNY The Tinley Beverage Company Inc. 0.54%   Diversified Industries
MMJ Matica Enterprises Inc. 0.52%   Life Sciences
KWG KWG Resources Inc. 0.52%   Mining
PUF PUF Ventures Inc. 0.51%   Technology
CMC Cielo Waste Solutions Corp. 0.50%   Technology
AG.UN Arctic Glacier Income Fund 0.49%   Diversified Industries
TLP.UN Tier One Capital Limited Partnership 0.49%   Diversified Industries
JOB StartMonday Technology Corp. 0.48%   Technology
EAC Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. 0.48%   Technology
CHX ChroMedX Corp. 0.48%   Life Sciences
ITR Integra Resources Corp. 0.47%   Mining
TO Tower One Wireless Corp. 0.44%   Technology
VAI VirtualArmour International Inc. 0.44%   Technology
ACM Acana Capital Corp. 0.44%   Diversified Industries
RGO Range Energy Resources Inc. 0.44%   Oil and Gas
DST Dundee Sustainable Technologies Inc. 0.42%   Technology
NC NetCents Technology Inc. 0.42%   Technology
SQA Stina Resources Ltd. 0.41%   Mining
RLG West Red Lake Gold Mines Inc. 0.41%   Mining
PDH Premier Diversified Holdings Inc. 0.41%   Diversified Industries
LOTO LottoGopher Holdings Inc. 0.41%   Diversified Industries
OPI ESI Energy Services Inc. 0.40%   Oil and Gas
NUR Nuran Wireless Inc. 0.40%   Technology
IP Imagination Park Entertainment Inc. 0.39%   Diversified Industries
KNR Kontrol Energy Corp. 0.38%   Technology
SHRC International Wastewater Systems Inc. 0.38%   Technology
HGP Heritage Global Inc. 0.38%   Technology
HP Hello Pal International Inc. 0.37%   Technology
DEP Deploy Technologies Inc. 0.37%   Technology
CRL Carl Data Solutions Inc. 0.35%   Technology
OWM One World Minerals Inc. 0.32%   Mining
LNB Lexington Biosciences Inc. 0.31%   Life Sciences
VRT Veritas Pharma Inc. 0.30%   Life Sciences
SHV Seahawk Ventures Inc. 0.28%   Mining
J Lotus Ventures Inc. 0.27%   Diversified Industries
LILY Callitas Health Inc. 0.27%   Life Sciences
UMB Umbral Energy Corp. 0.27%   Mining
NF New Age Farm Inc. 0.26%   Life Sciences
FDM Fandom Sports Media Corp. 0.26%   Technology
STX Starrex International Ltd. 0.26%   Diversified Industries
RISE Rise Gold Corp. 0.26%   Mining
PCE.UN Petrocapita Income Trust 0.26%   Oil and Gas
CHM Chemistree Technology Inc. 0.25%   Technology
QCC Quadron Cannatech Corporation 0.25%   Life Sciences
LVI Lightning Venture Inc. 0.25%   Diversified Industries
CO International Cobalt Corp 0.25%   Mining
BWC Big Wind Capital Inc. 0.25%   Mining
AFD Ansar Financial and Dev Corporation 0.24%   Diversified Industries
PRL Park Lawn Company Limited 0.24%   Diversified Industries
BZI Brisio Innovations Inc. 0.22%   Diversified Industries
MDD Mag One Products Inc. 0.22%   Diversified Industries
AFI Affinor Growers Inc. 0.22%   Life Sciences
TTX Tantalex Resources Corporation 0.22%   Mining
TTC Tartisan Resources Corp. 0.21%   Mining
PTX Platinex Inc. 0.21%   Mining
LIB Liberty Leaf Holdings Ltd. 0.21%   Life Sciences
ZTE ZTEST Electronics Inc. 0.21%   Technology
RKS Rockshield Capital Corp. 0.20%   Diversified Industries
ARM Armada Mercantile Ltd. 0.19%   Diversified Industries
ASTI Aquarius Surgical Technologies Inc. 0.19%   Technology
MVT Maxtech Ventures Inc. 0.19%   Diversified Industries
EPY ePlay Digital Inc. 0.19%   Technology
PGOL Patriot Gold Corp. 0.18%   Mining
GHG Global Hemp Group Inc. 0.18%   Diversified Industries
VP Vodis Pharmaceuticals Inc. 0.17%   Life Sciences
DNI DNI Metals Inc. 0.17%   Mining
MHY.UN Marret High Yield Strategies Fund A 0.17%   Diversified Industries
PMC Peloton Minerals Corporation 0.17%   Mining
MMI Metalo Manufacturing Inc. 0.17%   Diversified Industries
BUX BioMark Diagnostics Inc. 0.16%   Life Sciences
TAK Taku Gold Corp. 0.16%   Mining
API Appia Energy Corp. 0.16%   Mining
NSM Northern Sphere Mining Corp. 0.16%   Mining
DVR Deveron UAS Corp. 0.16%   CleanTech
UAV Global UAV Technologies Ltd. 0.15%   Technology
GNI Genius Properties Ltd. 0.15%   Mining
BTH Breathtec BioMedical Inc. 0.15%   Life Sciences
PRI PrimeWest Mortgage Inv Corporation 0.15%   Diversified Industries
CIM CIM International Group Inc. 0.14%   Diversified Industries
ARQ Argo Gold Inc. 0.14%   Mining
RFR Renforth Resources Inc. 0.13%   Mining
TOP Enertopia Corp. 0.13%   Diversified Industries
TPS Torino Power Solutions Inc 0.13%   Technology
KRI Khan Resources Inc. 0.13%   Mining
ABJ Supreme Metals Corp. 0.12%   Mining
ASE Asante Gold Corporation 0.12%   Mining
IDK ThreeD Capital Inc. 0.11%   Diversified Industries
ACG Alliance Growers Corp. 0.11%   Life Sciences
RZX Robix Environmental Technologies Inc. 0.10%   CleanTech
HS HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd. 0.10%   Technology
FNQ Fineqia International Inc. 0.10%   Diversified Industries
JBR James Bay Resources Limited 0.07%   Oil and Gas
SHP Shoal Point Energy Ltd. 0.07%   Oil and Gas

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Portfolio Characteristics (CSE Composite) (as at September 18, 2017)

Number of companies: 149
Market capitalization (C$ mil) 3,910
Company size (C$ mil)  
Average 26.2
Largest 286.9
Median 15.9
% Weight of Top 10 Holdings: 33.11%

Sector Weight (CSE Composite) (as at September 18, 2017)

Sector Weight
Technology 21.09%
Diversified Industries 21.64%
Life Sciences 39.35%
Mining 15.71%
Oil & Gas 1.96%
Cleantech 0.26%

Portfolio Characteristics (CSE25) (as at September 18, 2017)

Number of companies: 25
Market capitalization (C$ mil) 2,005
Company size (C$ mil)  
Average 80.2
Largest 286.9
Median 61.3
% Weight of Top 10 Holdings: 64.57%

Sector Weight (CSE25) (as at September 18, 2017)

Sector Weight
Technology 11.17%
Diversified Industries 23.87%
Life Sciences 56.01%
Mining 8.95%
Oil & Gas n/a
Cleantech n/a